StudyBlue launches new iPad app

As students and educators increasingly turn to Apple tablets for learning purposes, mobile study serviceStudyBlue announces the launch of its free iPad® app. According to Apple, 1.5 million iPads were used in schools and educational institutions last school year. The growing influence of tablet computing is evident in K-12 classrooms and college lecture halls, where there will be more iPads this fall than ever before.

Students can use the StudyBlue app to search, create and study flashcards and notes with their iPads. The free app leverages iPad’s multimedia features to create an efficient and effective studying experience for all students. Students can make and edit flashcards on their iPads using text, audio and images. The StudyBlue iPad app also enables students to re-study concepts they’ve not yet mastered, using Study Filters to personalize the process.

“StudyBlue is a must-have app for students in my classroom,” said Tammy Howell, teacher at Central York School District in Pennsylvania. “Since repetitions and reinforcement increase the familiarity and comfort of study material, this iPad app is the ideal learning tool that allows for an increase in student achievement.” And educators aren’t the only ones excited about the StudyBlue iPad app. Sam Marchant, a university student from England, commented, “The iPad app is a superb blend of new age technology and old school revision aid.”

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