Oklahoma State U launches AT&T’s Rave campus messaging system

Oklahoma State University has launched the Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T as their new messaging system in an effort to improve communication with the 36,000 students and 13,000 staff members at the Stillwater, Oklahoma school.

Campus-wide alerts, breaking news, and weather information can be passed to students through the university’s Cowboy Alert, which utilizes the Rave system’s text messaging, email, and voice message capabilities to communicate with computers, tablets, cell and wired phones, and social media in the most convenient format for the recipient.

According to information from OK State, notofications can include things like acts of terror, biohazards, campus intruders, weather situations, and practically any situation that poses a risk to life or safety, as well as more routine, non-emergent messages such as those announcing campus news and/or activities, class changes and cancellations, and more.

“It is essential that Oklahoma State University keep up with the expectations our students and employees have about being informed on our campus. Rave Campus Messenger from AT&T is giving us the ability to meet those expectations,” said OSU President Burns Hargis in a statement. “The mobile application from AT&T has improved the delivery time of our messages, which means we can keep our students and employees better informed.”

More information about Rave Campus messenger is available at ravemobilesafety.com.