Exceller ESL Software launches 2 new instructional programs

Exceller Software Corp., Inc. today announced the launch of 2 new categories of ESL software programs, one directed for use by universities, colleges and community colleges, and a series of new mobile Apps for individual use on iPhone, iPad, and Android smart phones.

GRAMMAR PRACTICE for ESL is an Exceller subscription-based online software program, designed for beginner and intermediate level learners of the English language. A cloud-based instructional program, GRAMMAR PRACTICE for ESL can be purchased as multi-user licenses or site licenses. Universities, colleges and community colleges, are encouraged to evaluate their ESL student populations to determine the number of multi-user licenses needed. With 100 users, for example, the cost will be as low as $10 per student for a 12 month subscription. Subscriptions can be renewed, or extended based on need.

“Exceller has a track record in the ESL Community for pioneering the Integrated Skills Approach in its software for the teaching of the English language,” said Eric Fikri, Exceller President. “The ESL community knows us from our previous design and development of the Focus on Grammar CD Series, the 1996-2006 version, predating Pearson’s Interactive series with the same name. Exceller’s version of this software became the cornerstone of the ESL curriculums in many universities around the world. Today we are proud to launch our new grammar cloud-based instructional program.”

Read the full press release here.