eScholar launches V.14 of eScholar Complete Data Warehouse

eScholar today announced immediate availability of version 14.0 of the eScholar Complete Data Warehouse® (CDW). The eScholar CDW is a platform supporting data-driven decision making in education. eScholar CDW v14.0 extends this leadership with a slew of enhancements in support of tailoring education for each individual, including support for the Common Core State Standards Initiative, analysis of effective teaching techniques, and transportation information to improve operational efficiencies.

The eScholar CDW is designed to allow education agencies to integrate otherwise siloed transactional data from across the enterprise. Once the data is unlocked from these silos, it can be analyzed both longitudinally and comprehensively to inform and influence the decisions of various users to improve student outcomes. ”Our latest release represents eScholar’s continued track record of supporting our customers at all levels of education, but especially our belief that data in support of personalized education is the key to improving student outcomes,” said Russ Redgate, Product Manager of the eScholar CDW.

“The education market is rapidly moving toward personalization,” said Shawn Bay, CEO and Founder of eScholar. “The delivery of eScholar CDW v14.0 responds to eScholar’s growing list of State and district-level education agencies’ needs to collect, analyze, and act upon comprehensive, cross-functional, integrated data sets. eScholar CDW is a proven product that integrates the disparate data sets necessary to create personalized education experiences informed by comprehensive data.”

Read the full release here.