AnatomyOne integrates imaging into the first year anatomy curriculum

Amirsys’ new anatomy educational product,AnatomyOne, has addressed an urgent need expressed by most medical school curriculum committees: radiologic imaging. Traditional gross anatomy does not include imaging and medical schools are struggling to discover the best way to introduce radiologic images into their curriculum at the appropriate time. Institutions who traditionally introduced imaging during clerkships are finding that this practice has left students unprepared to participate in the diagnostic process. As a result, many institutions are experimenting with different methods of bringing radiology into the medical curriculum earlier. AnatomyOne meets this need by integrating multi-modality radiologic imaging into the anatomy curriculum.

“Students need to understand how the anatomy they learn corresponds to radiologic images from their first anatomy course forward. It’s the perfect time to teach imaging because imaging is based on anatomy,” reports Michael P. Federle MD, FACR, Professor of Radiology at Stanford University.

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