The Flipped Classroom: Explanation & Resources

The flipped classroom model, in which traditional teaching methods and the order of a student’s day are basically reversed to make use of resources online and/or outside of class while moving what we know as traditional “homework” into actual classroom time, has been slowly gaining steam around the country since its unofficial inception in 2004, but the recent onslaught of high quality educational resources being released from the likes of Khan Academy, MIT, and others has really kicked the movement into high gear. What is the flipped classroom model?  Does it work? Take a look at a collection of articles and resources below.

Background on the flipped classroom:

The Daily Riff: How the flipped classroom was born

The Atlantic: Flipped classrooms promote personalization in higher education

The Washington Post: The flip: Turning a classroom upside down

 Articles on the flipped classroom in action: 

The classroom flip: a rural case

Zanesville, OH teachers use technology to flip classrooms

Homework stays at school in flipped classrooms

Resources to implement a flipped classroom:

Cybrary Man’s flipped classroom

Dean’s training resources

21st century educational technology and learning

Digital Sandbox flipped classroom

Video and learning management resources:


Khan Academy





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