Stanford introduces social element to iTunes U class with Piazza

Stanford’s iTunes U courses and presentations have been wildly popular since they started releasing material in 2005, and with each new release of iTunes, Stanford has introduced new materials such as assessments, quizzes and exams.

However, as Brent Izutsu, senior program manager for Stanford on iTunes U
puts it, “What was missing from that — and it still is kind of missing from that from the Apple point of view — is social interaction,” he said. “We think that’s a really important part of the learning experience.”

Thus, Stanford is partnering with Piazza, a free program that allows students to interact with professors, teaching assistants and other students in real time, to allow online subscribers to one of its computer programming courses the opportunity to ask questions and discuss the material.

The course will be introduction to iPad and iPhone Application Development and you can check out the full story at Inside Higher Ed.