USC’s Hybrid High to open doors this fall

USC’s Rossier School of Education will open the doors to its hybrid high school experiment this fall, The Journal reports.

Located in downtown Los Angeles, USC Hybrid High School’s initial class will consist of 150 9th graders from the Los Angeles Unified School District where historically, only 56 percent of students finish high school in 4 years.

Applicants will go through a lottery process to be accepted into the new publicly funded school, which will use a combination of live instruction and digital coursework.  Live instruction will take place not in classrooms but “learning spaces” open 12 hours a day year round.

What sets Hybrid High apart from other alternative style schools that combine less traditional learning settings with digital coursework is that Hybrid allows students to set their own schedules according to their individually issued learning plan and job and family responsibilities.  The only requirements are that a student attend school 35 hours per week for 175 days a year.  How a student breaks down that time is up to them; Hybrid High will be open 12 hours a day 7 days a week all year long.
“Hybrid High School will fill a vital need for a quality, rigorous educational program that is tailored to students’ needs and ensures that more of our students are finishing high school,” said Principal Stephanie McClay. “I’m really excited to open in the fall and begin to work with our students and families.”

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