Survey reveals schools unprepared to support digital learning

A recent nationwide survey by Reveals that 93% of teachers would assign online games in class if the subject matter matched their curriculum.  The caveat for a majority of these teachers, however, is that they feel their schools have too few computers or tablets for their students to use digital learning tools effectively.

The study also reveals that while teachers see see broad applicability for digital learning across all subjects, digital learning is still in its infancy. 35% of teachers do not use any digital learning tools.

“Our survey reveals that teachers want to leverage digital learning tools – and students like them as well – but everyone is constrained by the limitations of available technology in their schools.” Stephen Smith, CEO of said in a press release. “Despite this current challenge, we envision a future when students will migrate from the paper books used in previous centuries to tablets and smartphones for interactive, digital learning.”

You can download the survey here.

Read the full release here.