School Improvement Network launches LiveBooks May 1

School Improvement Network today announced that LiveBooks, e-books that can be updated and republished at any time, will be released on May 1.

According to the press release: “With LiveBook, readers can participate in the text, influence the world-wide discussion of particular elements of that text, and contribute to pool of knowledge that gathers around all users.”

To be released with the e-books and their platform is LivePlanner, according to a second press release. If LiveBook is a modern textbook, then LivePlanner is a modern workbook that provides hands-on practice of anything that lands itself in a LifeBook.

LiveBook’s first publication will be Mapping to the Core by Heidi Hayes Jacobs. It will be accompanied by a LivePlanner, wherein Jacobs guides staff development specialists, administrators, and teachers through the process of both creating a curriculum map for the Common Core Standards and then driving implementation and buy-in of that map.

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