SINET and NCPC team up for school safety

School Improvement Network (SINET) last week announced its upcoming partnership with the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC) to develop the “School Safety and Security Group” on SINET’s interactive professional development platform, PD360.

“Students cannot learn if they don’t feel safe—if there isn’t a strong element of security in their education experience,” SINET vice president Cory Linton said in a press release. “This part of learning can sometimes be overlooked, and our partnership with NCPC underlines our commitment to providing a secure learning environment for all students.”

Through the partnership, SINET and NCPC hope to more effectively respond to the emerging safety issues in classrooms nationwide.

“Through bridging NCPC expertise and resources with SINET’s innovative tool and engaged community,” says NCPC President Ann M. Harkins, ”we hope to not only share our resources with a wider audience, but also engage that audience in the development of new resources and trainings that will be the most helpful and responsive to their expressed needs. School safety and youth engagement is a collective effort and we believe that this partnership captures that approach.”

Stay tuned for more information on SINET and NCPC’s “School Safety and Security Group.”