EBI combats dropout rate at Buffalo State University

MAP-works, a student success and retention program from Educational Benchmarking Inc (EBI) has proven successful in boosting retention rates among first-year students at Buffalo State University, according to a press release published today.

The program focuses on finding the underlying causes of dropping out of college. Academics are ignored here, as the focus is on students that drop out despite good grades. By honing in on specific reasons like lack of money, inability to socially mesh, and the classic case of “schoolitis,” the program hopes to address and combat these concerns.

Since being implemented at Buffalo State University in 2009, the program has shown that it can do what it says it can. In the first year, the school saw a flat 2.9 percent increase in retention. The retention rate then rose 1.6 percent in its second full year, pushing the school’s retention rate beyond 75 percent.

How much of that change was MAP-Works related?  Students who chose to participate in the program had a 5 percent higher retention rate than those who did not.

By using MAP-Works, the school has been able to address student concerns that they may not have known about otherwise. More information is always a good thing, and the suite of management tools that MAP-Works provides for clients is much more robust than a simple survey. Schools using the platform can further hone student relations and affairs to try to fix whatever it is that is making students unhappy or uncomfortable, or even tweak their financial aid departments to address a monetary concern that they previously didn’t know about.

All in all, the MAP-Works platform alerts educators and administrators of warning signs of unhappy students, so that colleges can work to keep them engaged and enrolled.