TargetX creates a better experience for college recruiters

TargetX, a company that focuses on the interaction side of higher education, just upgraded to the latest iteration of their Student Recruitment Manager. The new Student Recruitment Manager, or SRM, is a feature-filled software suite that allows educators to simplify the admissions process by streamlining all student information. Made and tweaked for higher education by, TargetX strives to modernize the college application process for students and admissions offices.

The update brings many convenient changes. Things like a live chat feature and online applications that even accept application fees make the college site more attractive and interactive for students and parents alike. Customizable online forms and event calendars that feed directly into the back end of things create a cohesive online atmosphere for those adopting the software.

While the software seems client focused, there’s a lot more under the hood than meets the eye. In the SRM, each student has their own page for admissions offices and administrators to look at. This provides them with one central place to see all of the information about a particular student without having to open up 13 tabs across two monitors. Streamlined into one browser window, everything from transcript grades to application information is transformed into easy-to-read graphs and pie charts. TargetX uses preconfigured data imports to allow easy importing of standardized testing so that SATs, ACTs, etc can all be uploaded onto a student’s “profile” (only visible to employees) with the click of a button.

One of the features the company is talking about a bit louder is the social media tracking feature. This gives the administrators a social media navigator at the top of each student’s profile. With the click of a button, admins can see what that particular individual has been posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.  A step further than the old “Google their name” trick, this gives students an even bigger incentive to clean up their online presence. Educators can see very easily on one screen what students have in the way of intangibles; admissions isn’t all about test scores.

Since is one of the leaders in cloud computing, it makes sense that all of this information is saved server side, or in the cloud. Being able to do work both on-the-go and at home allows admissions offices to really research their applicants to the nth degree, ensuring that the students they are accepting really are a good fit for their institution.

The new version of the SRM is available now. Learn more about it at