Celebrate St. Patricks Day with free language learning app

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, iPhone and iPod touch users can download Transparent Language’s Irish Byki Mobile language-learning app for free, through tomorrow.

Based on Byki’s language-learning software, Byki Mobile is a personalized language-learning system presented in an engaging flash card interface that tracks everything learned, automatically presenting the appropriate material at just the right intervals.

Other features include:

  • Twitter integration – Byki delivers a real-time Twitter search of words and phrases the user is learning so they can see real-world examples of how people use them in actual conversations.
  • SlowSound – This audio control slows down the pronunciation of the word or phrase.
  • Searchable Phrasebook – This search feature provides users with a quick reference in their native language so they can easily find the foreign language words and phrases they need.

Download the Irish Byki Mobile app here.