¡Hola! Amigo Pad

Tablet PC maker Idolian is serving up the first tablet aimed at the Hispanic community. The Amigo Pad, as Idolian has decided to dub it, comes with everything you’d expect from a modern tablet. Features include a front facing camera, HDMI output, a CPU clocked at a respectable 1.2 Ghz (A8 Cortex), and SD card slot. It’s running Android 2.3 OS (the one made for mobile phones) with promises of being upgraded to the tablet-oriented 4.0 in the near future.

Idolian plans to target this tablet towards the Hispanic community by making the default language Spanish, as well as including a traditional USB port so users can use any 3G dongle they want internationally. Other than that, it’s a pretty standard Android tablet usable for anything from e-books to mp3s.

Though not part of the Hispanic focus, the tablet also comes in at a competitive price point of $209.99, which is a good selling point, regardless of the target audience. Idolian cites their success with international calling cards as their inspiration for entering the Hispanic tablet market, and they anticipate high sales volume. The Amigo tablet is available through Idolian’s official web store and will be in retail locations soon.

Below is the promotional video Idolian posted with its press release.