PLATO Learning announces K-12 online courses

PLATO Learning is no stranger to the online learning scene, and their latest announcement proves that even further. The recently announced PLATO Virtual Academy is a distance education platform for K-12 students that allows school districts to streamline their education a bit. By combining curriculum that adheres to the Common Core State Standards with trained and certified teachers, PLATO hopes to be a supplement for existing school districts.

School districts can partner up with the company to enhance their existing programs. The Virtual Academy provides lesson plans and work that can be done at the students own pace both individually and with the help of a classroom teacher. PLATO hopes to give school districts a boost by offering a more personally tuned learning experience, something that might not be easily achieved in larger or less affluent schools.

Since PLATO’s classes are accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission, the classes most definitely “count.” When a student satisfies a course requirement, it gets marked as complete through PLATO Virtual Academy. Teachers from the student’s home district can then transfer the online credit to his or her transcript. Class credits can actually be earned at the individual’s rate of learning — ideal for both students who need more enrichment and students who need to be more challenged.

PLATO’s Virtual Academy isn’t just a host of glorified YouTube clips — teachers are on call to provide back and forth communication so that they can address students’ questions or confusion. Virtual Academy teachers are all certified, trained professionals, with PLATO Learning doing the hiring themselves. They adhere to iNOCAL’s National Standards for Online Teaching and use tested and proven methods to teach students.

With a catalog of over 50 classes so far, the Virtual Academy opens its virtual doors for the 2012 summer school season.