Introducing: eNotebook for iPad

Kevin Giffhorn, WeLearn Educational Software founder and 2011 Maryland Council of Teachers of Mathematics’ High School Teacher of the Year, today announced eNotebook, an app that allows students — from kindergarten through college — to take and organize notes on the iPad.

eNotebook claims to be the only app that allows students to combine teacher-distributed Word, Powerpoint, and PDF files with their own markups and notes to create fully functional virtual notebooks.

“In most cases, students are still using the traditional paper and pencils, while all other areas of instruction have advanced,” Giffhorn said. “eNotebook allows students to fully use the power of tablet computers to take notes, stay organized and study more efficiently, leading to higher academic achievement.”

The app allows students to have different eNotebooks for each subject that can be stored and arranged on a central eBackpack screen.

eNotebook has been available in the iTunes store since Feb. 21 and costs $4.99