AK online public school outperforms comparison peers

A recent study revealed that students at online public school Arkansas Virtual Academy (ARVA) outperformed comparison peers in math and literacy. The school, chartered by the Arkansas Department of Education, serves students across the state in grades K-8.

Marty Lueken and Gary Ritter of the University of Arkansas’ College of Education and Health Professions, Department of Education Reform, led the evaluation. The study used a “nearest-neighbor” matching methodology that matched ARVA students with two peer students from the same grade and resident school district, with nearly identical baseline test scores in math and literacy.

Lueken and Ritter found that students in nearly all grade cohorts outperformed nearly identical students in other Arkansas public schools in both math and literacy. They also found that economically disadvantaged students did particularly well at ARVA, and that overall, there were no statistically significant negative effects on ARVA students.

The complete evaluation can be found at www.k12.com/ARVA.