Rumored Office for iPad: One big ‘finally’

If there is one piece of seemingly unavoidable software out there, it’s Microsoft Office. Programs like PowerPoint, Word, and Excel are necessities for students and professionals alike, so it only makes sense that they would be available on a device that’s becoming more widely used everyday — the iPad. For some reason, though, Microsoft has been dragging its feet on this one.

Back in November, The Daily reported that Microsoft Office for the iPad was on its way, but so far, the company has yet to officially announce it. Maybe the Microsoft home base was holding out to test the success of their new desktop/tablet friendly “Windows 8” before hopping on the iPad bandwagon. Either due to impatience or the realization that the iPad really is king, the Office for iPad release date is rumored to be looming on the horizon.

The Daily released screen shots of what they say is the new app in question. Although the Microsoft headquarters have been denying its authenticity, it looks to be in line with all of the other products Microsoft has been rolling out updates for. The vibrant, easy-to-click (or touch) appearance makes these images look very legitimate, very Microsoft, and very enticing.

The iPad is the Trapper Keeper of the 21st century, but until Office comes out, its users are stuck using second-rate loose-leaf. The iPad office apps currently up for grabs leave much to be desired in the way of features, and the ones that are feature-oriented decide to crash on its users every step of the way.

Anytime Microsoft throws its hat into the ring you know they will be a major player, and the Office Suite is arguably what they do best. If Microsoft’s Office Suite for iPad becomes a reality, it’s likely that iPad owners everywhere will finally have a series of feature-filled and fully functional programs they can rely on for their classroom and cubicle needs.