Introducing: Inkling Habitat

Inkling today launched Inkling Habitat, the first integrated publishing environment for professional publishers. The new platform allows publishers to create and publish interactive content for both iPad and the Web, without desktop software and constraints of the printed page.

Inkling CEO Matt MacInnis, who left Apple in 2009 to co-found the publishing platform, unveiled Habitat for the first time today in a keynote at New York’s Tools of Change for Publishing conference.

“To reinvent the book, we had to reinvent the printing press,” he said. “It’s not about replicating the printed page on a screen. It’s about making a first-class interactive experience on every device you target, and this is the first time publishers can do it reliably and at scale.”

Inkling Habitat enables publishers to deploy “standards-based content,” that includes everything from guided tours and 3-D exhibits to interactive quizzes and high definition video. Perhaps most interesting of all is that everything can be instantly published and updated with the click of a button.

Habitat is immediately available to select partners and will be made widely available later this year.