Cambridge University Press Partners with Knewton

The partnership will see Knewton and Cambridge University Press develop a new generation of digital ELT products by integrating the Knewton API with the innovative Cambridge LMS platform, which currently serves over 250,000 students and teachers globally. This will enable Cambridge to incorporate recommendations and analytics into both self-paced and instructor-led blended learning materials to help educators monitor student performance in real-time. Knewton-powered Cambridge University Press products will continuously gauge student proficiency and engagement. Educators will be provided with insight into individual student or class needs, freeing instructors to do what they do best-teach and engage students.

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McGraw-Hill Education Releases Major Update to Connect® Digital Learning Platform for Higher Education

“For this update of Connect, we worked closely with researchers, instructors, and students to create the industry’s most intuitive and effective online learning environment,” said Stephen Laster, chief digital officer of McGraw-Hill Education. “We made significant investments in real-time reporting for quicker insights into emerging classroom dynamics and process automation that frees professors for higher value teaching activities and adaptive learning technologies that personalize education. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with students, educators and institutions to ensure Connect and all of our digital learning solutions deliver the industry’s strongest engagement, retention and learning results.”

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Study Proves Emerging Readers and Writers Make Learning Spelling Count, eReflect Finds

Ultimate Spelling, a product by eReflect, is a spelling tutor program that allows users to learn to spell with ease. The unique teaching and learning strategies pioneered by the software have resulted in the rising popularity of the product, especially among students. As the eReflect team noted in a recent statement, this is largely due to the contemporary approach adopted by Ultimate Spelling, in which users are encouraged to learn spelling in a fun and easy interactive manner, rather than by rote learning of word lists.

Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey recently published a study titled “Engaging the Adolescent Learner” that highlighted that many students are unable to easily learn spelling through the traditional methods, such as memorizing lists and weekly spelling tests. Rather, a deeper approach to spelling needs to be adopted in which the focus is on word games, affixes, Latin and Greek root words, commonly misspelled words, and words that are used frequently.

The eReflect team was pleased to highlight the similarity between the features of their software and the basic points put forward by the study in their briefing today. As the team stated, the “Engaging the Adolescent Learner” study highlighted that the instructional approach adopted by teachers should be one that focuses on allowing students to think about the spelling of the words in terms of sounds, patterns, and relationship with other words.

Another research study, published by Diane Henry Leipzig, highlighted the importance of using the word study approach towards learning spelling. The researcher concluded that rather than adopting the traditional approach to spelling instruction based on drill and practice, tutors must adopt a word study approach which focuses on designing word patterns to engage learners and accelerate the learning process.

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Cisco CEO John Chambers to Keynote at Interop New York

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Interop New York, produced by UBM Tech, today announced John Chambers, the CEO of Cisco, as the latest addition to the keynote lineup. In addition to Chambers, executives from Facebook and HP Networking will join executives from The Blackstone Group, IBM, NEC and Verizon Terremark on the Interop main stage. Keynote speakers will address audiences on the latest in technology and business innovation. Interop New York will take place at the Javits Convention Center, September 30-October 4, 2013. For more information or to register,

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