Q&A With Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup

Interview with Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup.

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Q&A with CampusTap Founder and CEO, Remy Carpinito

Q&A with Remy Carpinito, CEO and Founder of CampusTap, an edtech startup focusing on student engagement at college and university campuses.

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Q&A With Ben Lowinger, Founder and Executive Vice President of Copia

Q&A with with Ben Lowinger, Founder and Executive VP of Copia. Copia is a well-known company that provides social media and content delivery platform where users collaborate, socialize, and purchase content.

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What YouTube is Doing for Education

So many educational videos began to appear on the site that in 2009 YouTube created YouTube EDU, a place to put all the educational videos. Now with over 700k videos, teachers can find just about any topic they would want to cover.

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Q&A With Aditya Sudhakar, Co-founder of SenseiHub

Q&A with Aditya Sudhakar, co-founder of SenseiHub, a startup that develops platform enabling companies and students to find each other and connect with each other for micro-internship projects.

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Q&A With Elena Krasnoperova, Founder of SchoolCircle

Q&A with Elena Krasnoperova, founder of SchoolCircle.

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yvonne chan technology integration specialist

Talking to a Tech Integration Specialist

The tech integrative specialist is still seen as a slightly unorthodox job to have. Yvonne Chan is the first in the Revere public school district.

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Q&A With Stephanie Shyu, Co-Founder of AdmitSee

Q&A interview with Ms. Stephanie Shyu, co-founder of AdmitSee.

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How Teachers Discover New EdTech

To continue on in the theme of edtech in the classroom, we wanted to find out about how teachers are discovering edtech tools.

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Reading Rainbow Campaign Raised $1 million on Crowdfunding Website

The money will be used to bring the classic TV show to a new generation of readers through an accessible web platform.

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