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Top 10 signs you’re back to school

Back to school season is in full swing, and gone are the days of watching Netflix and sunbathing on the beach. It’s the end of your first…or second…or third week

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The Achievement Gap and Big Bird: How Sesame Street‘s move could affect lower income children

In 2012, when presidential candidate Mitt Romney suggested taking government funding away from America’s favorite giant yellow Muppet, the nation revolted. Yet, although Romney had nothing to do with it, federal budget

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Education Technology in the United States: Infographic

Education technology still has a long way to go before it hits every classroom across the U.S. This infographic illustrates the current state of classroom technology, and what students think about the

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Math Student Kid

Removing the Blindfold from Math Achievement

Robert Sun, CEO of FirstInMath, shows that digital games are valuable to learning math.

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Creative Company Conference 2011

Upcoming EdTech Conferences in Massachusetts

Take a look at all the upcoming education and edtech conferences coming up in the state and stay up-to-date on technology, pedagogy, and trends.

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Q&A With Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup

Interview with Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup.

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Q&A with Meir Lebi, CEO of Learni

Q&A With Meir Lebi, CEO of Learni, an Israeli edtech startup, developer of real-time lesson management tools for one-to-one type of classroom environment, focusing on the K-12 education market.

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Can Technology Do For Math Students What It Did For WWII Pilots?

Robert Sun, CEO of First in Math, compares the learning gap challenge to training WWII pilots.

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Q&A with Scott Welch, Co-founder of Edsby.

Q&A interview with Scott Welch of Edsby.

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How One Blended Learning High School Uses its Data

Blended learning schools are rich in data, so it only makes sense that they leverage it. One school is really putting their data to work.

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