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How Private Colleges are Approaching the Challenge of Educating Students for the Global Workplace

It’s not easy to be the leader of a small, private college these days. Over the last decade these schools have been under tremendous pressure from seemingly every direction. With high (and rising) tuition, and a centuries-old liberal arts curriculum, these institutions have endured criticism about their value proposition to students, as well as the relevance of their curriculum in […]

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Creative Company Conference 2011

Upcoming EdTech Conferences in Massachusetts

Take a look at all the upcoming education and edtech conferences coming up in the state and stay up-to-date on technology, pedagogy, and trends.

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Q&A With Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup

Interview with Justin Chando, CEO of Chalkup.

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New Report Gives EdTech Trends and Technologies for Next Five Years

A new report by New Media Consortium and the EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative gives a five-year prediction for emerging edtech trends and technologies.

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Certificate for Example Course   John Smith

Digital Credentials, the Missing Link for Online Learning

The reason MOOCs weren’t the disruption they were promised to be is because they didn’t offer sufficient accreditation

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The Ripple Effects of Competency-Based Higher Education

Keith Hampson explores how competency-based education elevates and challenges teaching and learning.

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How Technology is Changing the Way Colleges Recruit

Admissions offices are not only taking advantage of the new ways in which they can get students excited about their school, but entrepreneurs are looking at ways in which they can help students in their college search.

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CEO of Cengage: Edtech can help Obama’s community college proposal

Michael Hansen, CEO of Cengage, says with the amount of students who go to community college, focusing on this part of the higher education institution is important.

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Managing Free Google and Microsoft Email Solutions for Educators

New technology ensures that student email account management is easy and smooth to create and organize.

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Q&A With Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle

Q&A with Martin Dougiamas, Founder and CEO of Moodle, a company developing and distributing Moodle, an open source LMS platform enabling instructors to provide online and blended learning.

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