David Parker is head of business products for Alexander Street Press, the leading provider of multi-media databases to the global university library market. David founded Business Expert Press and served as the President of its sister company, Momentum Press. BEP and MP specialize in applied, concise ebooks for advanced business and engineering students.Prior to that, David was editor-in-chief for business publishing at Pearson Education. David holds a bachelor’s degree in international studies from George Fox University and a Master’s Degree in anthropology from the University of Arizona. He has also completed executive education at City University Seattle and the University of Chicago. David serves on the publisher’s advisory board to SIPX (Stanford Intellectual Property Exchange).

Learning Belongs in the Library: Three Reasons This Must Eventually Be So

This column was born one year ago when I was struggling with the outline of a presentation I needed to give on the future of the university and the library from my perspective. Perspectives are easy to come by and I suspect the only reason anybody cared to hear mine was I spent the first half of my career developing classroom teaching material and the second half developing ebook collections for the library market.

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