Schools That Thrive: How Matignon High School Thrives with Headmaster Tim Welsh

In the latest installment of Schools That Thrive, Esin Sile, CEO of Boston’s MindBridge Partners, interviews Matignon High School headmaster, Tim Welsh.

Matignon High School in Cambridge, Massachusetts is a private, Catholic school with a diverse student body of approximately 420 students spanning 40 cities and 10 countries. Welsh, who has worked in private education for the past 20 years, strives to make Matignon an environment for faculty, teacher, and student collaboration.

Welsh explains how technology, specifically Google, has become the school’s common language. This is done by what Welsh describes as a BYOD, bring your own device, program.

“We have some families who would really struggle with price points on certain devices. We felt that the BYOD really met the needs of our school, because it met the needs of our families. It allowed them to bring a device that their family would be able to afford,” says Welsh.

Rather than implementing a program that would simply add devices to the classroom, technology is utilized to add value and to enrich the student’s educational experience. Teachers are able to use technology in their classrooms to both their level of understanding and their discretion for the subject.

At Matignon, innovation is important, but Welsh also knows that it must be done at a pace that will allow both students and teachers to succeed.

Welsh says, “I see my job as making sure our teachers and students have the resources to do their jobs.”

Hear what Tim Welsh has to say about his school’s success with technology in our schools podcast series, Schools That Thrive:

Courtney Major

Courtney Major

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