LinkedIn and Lynda Introduce Career Path Video Series

Last week, LinkedIn released the first group of career path courses on the professional development video site The initial batch of 54 “Learning Path” tutorial courses focus on providing instruction for starting a career path in a variety of job markets from marketing to photography to web developer.

A list of videos is provided for each course, covering topics from general career introduction to more specific business or technical skill tutorial guides.

The tutorial lengths vary. A course like “Become a Video Production Crewman” is 10 hours while “Become a Full-Stack Web Developer” is at 68 hours. Throughout the course there are groups of quizzes, and once users complete the course, they receive a certificate of completion to post on social media.

LinkedIn made its largest company purchase last year when they acquired for $1.5 billion. Jeff Weiner, CEO of LinkedIn made it clear in a news release after the purchase that the two companies have similar goals in teaching people to develop and improve their professional career choices.

It’s too early to tell how and if certain employers will acknowledge these courses and completion badges as useful experience. However, the release does show a further commitment in developing the Lynda library and trying a new professional development course format.

Check out the full list of courses to learn more.

Nate Leese

Nate Leese

Nate Leese is an Emerson College senior journalism student focusing on long term photography projects and visual media. Growing up a third culture kid he enjoys learning about relationships between cultures during times of change.