Learning at Home: Families’ Educational Media Use in America


To get a better understanding of parents’ attitudes around kids’ educational media, the Joan Ganz Cooney Center surveyed 1,577 parents of kids ages 2 to 10 years old. Educational media was defined as content that’s “good for a child’s learning or growth, or that teaches some type of lesson, such as an academic or social skill,” and includes TV, DVDs, video games, books, e-readers, smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices used at home.

The survey found that parents considered nearly half (44%) of what their kids were watching was educational. More than half (57%) believed that their kids were actually learning from the screen time. The survey also found that younger kids were more likely to engage in educational media than older kids.

For full story, see Mind Shift.

For full study, see Cooney Center.

Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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