MacBook, Chromebook, iPads: Why Schools Should Think Beyond Platforms

If 1:1 education is going to flourish, school leaders must be adamant about getting the best practices and tools in their students hands, even after their platform is selected. The focus on learning needs should not be defined by the device a school has chosen. Macs and PCs should not be mutually exclusive, no matter how much their respective marketing and sales department would like it. For profit-businesses is a poor foundation to build educational practices and policy. Additionally, students will graduate into a world where fluency across devices and platforms is expected.

In the past, schools had many different forms of technology. If schools used PCs, that did not prevent them from purchasing Macs for art programs where that technology might better meet the students’ learning needs. Just as one would not use a wrench as a paint brush, the tools for one subject often don’t easily translate or serve the best purposes of others. Schools that embody this understanding go beyond teaching their students a single device.

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Yvonne Chan

Yvonne Chan

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