Adaptive curriculum launches its first product aimed at consumers

Edtech company Adaptive Curriculum has announced the launch of its very first consumer product, an online-based learning system that compliments what kids are learning in school. Dubbed Uzinggo, the platform combines established techniques, interactive game-like graphics, real world simulations and motivational tools that aim to help students fully understand what they are learning in school.

Uzinggo is built on the 5E Instructional Model – Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. Said model is built into each of Uzinggo’s study plans, aka ZingPaths™. Uzinggo is available for students in grades 5-12, with ZingPaths™ in courses ranging from Pre-Algebra to Physics. Prep and review courses are also available in a variety of subjects.

“For the U.S. to remain a leader in global innovation we have to acknowledge that many of our students are struggling in math and science,” says Peter Rillero, Ph.D., Science Education, Tenured Professor of Science Education, Teachers College, Arizona State University. “The research conducted jointly with ASU and Adaptive Curriculum illustrates that there are ways to address this: students need a deeper understanding of math and science, and they need to relate these subjects to the real world – Uzinggo does this.”

When using Uzinggo, students are guided through a ZingPath™ on a chosen subject course with audio prompts and robust interactive models. After receiving guided instruction and completing an activity, students are rewarded with points and badges. Students can earn more points by completing an assessment and performing well on the questions. Activities and assessments can be repeated as many times as needed until the student fully comprehends the subject matter.

“Adaptive Curriculum’s institutional product is successfully implemented in schools across the country, where students have been struggling to achieve average performance levels, let alone excel,” said Adaptive Curriculum CEO Jim Bowler in a prepared statement. “The incredible turn-around stories school administrators and teachers have shared with us inspired us to create a product parents can use at home with their children to further support the learning experience, and help all of our children perform well on assessments.”

Check out Uzinggo here.