ExamSoft & LiveText team up to offer comprehensive assessments

Provider of exam software ExamSoft Inc. has joined forces with LiveText, a provider of an evidence-based performance evaluation solution to offer a more comprehensive assessment package.

ExamSoft helps higher education institutions more efficiently and effectively administer embedded assessments (i.e. exams), measure specific learning outcomes, and generate real-time, personalized feedback for faculty and students. Exams may be delivered, with security, on student-owned devices (laptops and, soon, iPads), lab computers, and/or Scantron-type forms. All data is centrally stored and accessible through a personal user interface. Faculty can view detailed results and analytics to improve remediation efforts, curricular tuning or test design.

LiveText enables colleges and universities to systematically collect data on programs’ and institutions’ learning achievement outcomes. With streamlined student, faculty, and administrator views, LiveText offers a broad range of capabilities for students to develop and submit work and for instructors to assess and provide immediate feedback. Administrators can then collect data on this teaching and learning process, report on it, and display evidence of continuous curriculum, program, and institutional improvement over time.

“We are committed to making the process of managing assessments far easier, so faculty and administrators can focus on teaching rather than reporting. For the past couple of years, our company has focused on making assessments learning opportunities for students, rather than simply accountability measures. We are excited about this partnership with LiveText, an outstanding long-term player in assessment, because we share a vision and offer a potentially transformative solution,” said David Schnabel, President of ExamSoft.

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