CSU Global expands to include several dual-enrollment options

Colorado State University-Global Campus has announced several new, fully online degree programs; a bachelor’s to master’s Dual Enrollment Option, a Dual Master’s Degree Program, a new graduate level IT Concentration, and seven new degree program Specializations.

“One of our main priorities is to ensure that students have the tools they need to succeed professionally,” said Dr. Jon Bellum, Provost and Senior V.P. of CSU-Global. “These new academic offerings expand our ability to customize a student’s degree program and provide a more advanced and comprehensive learning experience in their specific areas of personal and professional interest.”

The new Dual Enrollment Option allows students in certain bachelor’s degree programs (Business Management and Healthcare Administration and Management) the opportunity for early admission into a related master’s degree. This allows students to begin pursuing their graduate degree earlier than they traditionally would.

New students (enrolling in January 2013 or later) interested in the popular M.S. in Management and M.S. in Organizational Leadership programs can choose to participate in the new Dual Master’s Degree Program. This option provides students with the opportunity to receive both degrees upon successful completion of an additional 18 credit hours beyond the requirements of their first master’s degree.

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