Discovery Ed Canada to bring fresh digital content to classrooms

Discovery Education Canada has partnered with PMA Biographies to bring digital media to K-12 classrooms across the country. Discovery Education Canada provides curriculum-based digital content, professional development and assessment resources to thousands of Canadian schools, and will provide PMA Biographies videos to teachers and students through its Streaming and Streaming Plus services. Through the services, teachers and students have access to a library of more than 150,000 digital resources that cover all curriculum areas and address multiple learning styles.

“Discovery Education Canada is excited to partner with PMA Biographies to bring its historical Extraordinary Canadians series to students across the country,” said Andy Schaefer, vice president, Discovery Education Canada. “Digital resources are proven to engage students and improve achievement, and PMA Biographies’ programs will help to inspire a love of learning in children across Canada.”

Teachers and students will have exclusive access to PMA Biographies’ Extraordinary Canadians series, which pairs Canada’s most distinguished contemporary writers with Canadians who have shaped the country’s thinking. Pierre Trudeau, Glenn Gould, Norman Bethune and Lester B. Pearson are among the Canadians featured in the series.

More information at Discovery Ed Canada.