Startup Obeekaybee offers online teaching opportunities for K-12

More than 2 million K-12 students take at least one class online, and the number of students taking courses online will jump to more than 10 million by 2014, according to data released by research firm Ambient Insight. According to the report, the online learning products and services market will reach $23.8 billion in 2014. This is actually great news for young students who are growing up in the technological age and are accustomed to having access to information at their fingertips. The fast-growing world of online educational courses is a win-win situation for teachers as well. With the average teacher’s wage at $45,000, many teachers supplement their income with seasonal or part time work. Online educational opportunities now allow them the flexibility and freedom to work from anywhere while still providing quality education.

“Being an online teacher is a lot like being the coach of your favorite sport. You get to teach the kids at their individual level, and also be their cheerleader on the side line. Students are able to work through the lessons at their own pace. They are able to review a lesson as many times as they wish. The students can then meet me in virtual office hours and ask questions about what they are still struggling with or not fully understanding,” said Janae Russell, Online Educator.

One startup in particular is trying to make it as easy as possible for teachers to find online teaching jobs. Obeekaybee is an online teacher database and resource center. With online and blended learning on the rise, this website allows teachers to showcase their qualifications to teach virtually. Likewise, Obeekabee offers school districts, homeschool families, vendors, and courseware providers in need of online teachers the opportunity use a website that is easily searchable for qualified educators.

“Obeekaybee is trying to make it as easy as possible for teachers to find jobs online and to post them. We have always been dedicated to bringing education and technology together,” said Obeekaybee’s Chief Information Officer, Michael Myles.

In addition to helping teachers post their qualifications, Obeekaybee has recently added a feature to the site that makes posting jobs easy and convenient for providers. This will allow school districts, vendors, and other teachers to add online teaching job opportunities to the site. The job posting feature will be free and open to all of the site users. They will also offer a “concierge service” which will allow users to send in the job opportunities in any format they prefer and Obeekaybee will post it to the website for them. All of the features of the website will be provided for free while the site is in Beta.

Obeekaybee is backed by over 35 years of teaching and training, in both brick and mortar and virtual learning environments, including overseas. Their work includes transforming delivery models in K-12 districts by defining best practice and influencing legislation that will create access to anytime, anyplace, any way, any pace education. For more information on online teaching opportunities, visit