New platform aims to prepare students/staff for common core transition

Show What You Know® Publishing announces the launch of Show What You Know® Online, a web-based program that incorporates diagnostic assessments, remediation lessons, and games to assess and track students’ proficiency with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The launch comes as the result of a partnership between Show What You Know® Publishing, (distributed by Lorenz Educational Press) and technology entrepreneurs Robert Ott and Ken Reed.

Integrating research-based resources for grades 3-8, the new system fulfills the needs of students, educators, and administrators in an interactive format. Student assessment responses are automatically recorded in an online grade book, which generates reports by student, classroom, grade level, school, and district. Remediation lessons focusing on Common Core content areas are uniquely assigned to students based upon their assessment performance. Lessons are supplemented with printable worksheets and 25 different games that are assigned as rewards to reinforce subject matter. Math lessons are also enhanced with videos from the Khan Academy.

“We are truly excited to be at the forefront of providing online assessments and remediation lessons based on the Common Core State Standards. Our market research indicates strong demand for high quality resources to help educators with the nationwide transition to these critical new standards,” comments Robert Ott, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing.

“Teachers and administrators will be happy to learn that our new system is very easy to implement and to use. Our web-based platform ensures that all of our customers have instant access to the most current content,” added Ken Reed, Chief Technology Officer.

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