NY students in virtual int’l classroom exchange

57 White Plains Middle School students across two separate campuses have been communicating and working on group projects with students at Suzhou Lida Middle School in China thanks to the Schoolwires Greenleaf Virtual Cultural Exchange Program.
According to the Schoolwires Greenleaf website “The Greenleaf curriculum is appropriate for middle and high school students and is designed to help them explore their communities and develop an understanding of other cultures and lifestyles. As students collaborate on projects and activities, they develop and deepen their 21st century learning skills. The Greenleaf curriculum is focused around 6 big ideas.”
The program is voluntary, and students working on projects together do so via a spectrum of multimedia and social media platforms including video chats and blogs during study halls or after school.”The Greenleaf program provides technology tools that allow students from different cultures to communicate with each other in way that is meaningful to adolescents,” Christopher Clouet, superintendent at White Plains said. “Our district embraces opportunities like these to provide a global-oriented education to our students and help them understand and participate in today’s global society.”

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