IBM partners with Desire2Learn to make better use of education data

The Journal reports IBM and Desire2Learn are teaming up to combine technology and professional services to create a solution that aims to help both k-12 and higher ed make use of the mass data collected on students.  The Smarter Education Solution, which will be sold by the IBM sales force, takes Desire2Learn’s LMS which can deliver specific data about individual students and their work, and pairs it with IBM’s data analysis expertise and tools to gather meaning from the data.

This combination results in two core products; Analytics for Smarter education and Intervention Management.  The former integrates data pulled from multiple sources and makes that available to teachers, faculty, and administrators. The latter takes IBM’s capabilities in workflow improvement and process management.

Patricia Sullivan, IBM education solution executive said in a statement, “It’s about putting data to work for teachers and students. Historically, data has often been used for punitive measures: Who are the bad teachers, the bad classrooms, the bad students. This solution really is about shifting the mindset and enabling the teachers as professionals with data and resources so they can make informed decisions for their students and really have access to a wealth of resources to draw from that are guided by the intervention management system and predictive analytics.”

Read the full story at The Journal.