Prep-U adds AP test prep to it’s offerings

Mashable reports that Macmillian New Ventures announced Thursday that it’s PrepU product will be expanded to include  AP test-prep apps for US History, AP Chemistry, and AP Psychology. Prep U is an adaptive quizzing engine built by teachers and tested in classrooms.

According to WikiPedia, “Adaptive learning is an educational method which uses computers as interactive teaching devices. Computers adapt the presentation of educational material according to students’ weaknesses, as indicated by their responses to questions. The motivation is to allow electronic education to incorporate the value of the interactivity afforded to a student by an actual human teacher or tutor. The technology encompasses aspects derived from various fields of study including computer science, education, and psychology.”

Barbara Rifkind, consultant who advises education enterprises and former VP at Pearson Education says “there’s relatively little controversy in theory” over the adaptive learning method.

The content will be developed by Prep-U and each test prep app will cost $40.

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